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How a resort should have a full-fledged ‘living’ environment?


Hospitality industry has been gradually changing with new developments coming its way. Starting from a lodging, hotels and now resorts, the industry has come a long way. Lodging was restricted to staying during trips and hotels were formal while providing basic requirements of food and drinks. However, resorts have been much more. Resort is a kind of engaging, indulging and relaxing spaces for its guests.

These resorts exclusively work towards quality life and customer preferences. Accommodations are specifically taken care to match the needs of their targeted clientele. They have variety in their rooms to suit their customers. The interiors and the amenities are signature enough to maintain their standards. Some of them have serene singular cottages and villas to maintain the privacy and regality of the stay. Even in terms of restaurants, they have lavish spread of multi cuisine delicacies to please their guests. Many of them have different beverage section to enjoy after a game.

Apart from luxurious stay and food, they also have fun activities like games, swimming, clubs and sports among others. You can also just relax and enjoy your stay at the resort instead of roaming. Many resorts also have daily activities for their guests during their stay. Resorts resolve to provide a quality and contented trip to their customers.

Resorts are also designed based on the locations. The construction of the resort is based on the tourism of the place and on the popular spots around. A resort around a popular beach is an added advantage as not only Indian but also foreign tourists get attracted to the location. A resort around a wild sanctuary or a jungle reserve is luring adventure enthusiasts to the place. The interiors of the resort can bring in the flavor of the tourists spots around to make their resort a ‘landmark’ of the location. Surrounded by Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Jharana Jungle Lodge is one of the popular resorts near Navegaon gate. 


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