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Tadoba National Park: A Paradise for Birders

The Tadoba National Park is known for housing the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve - a popular place for wildlife enthusiasts and tiger admirers.

But what many don’t know is that the national park has more than 280 bird species from 63 different families. The diverse environment coupled with the abundance of water bodies make Tadoba a birder’s delight.

The national park is a dense, mixed forest zone with patches of wetlands, grasslands and bamboo jungles. This kind of habitat is conducive for both forest and wetland birds, and the river Andhari flowing through the park makes it a hotspot for rare species of birds and birders alike.

If you’re a birder, whether aspiring or seasoned, here’s a small taste of the birds you can find in the national park:


  • Oriental honey Buzzard

  • White-eyed Buzzard

  • Changeable Hawk Eagle

  • Pariah Kite

  • Eurasian Sparrow hawk

  • Black Shouldered Kite

  • Shikra

  • Short-toed Snake Eagle

  • Crested Serpent Eagle

  • Bonelli's Eagle

  • Grey-headed Fish Eagle

  • Common Kestrel

  • Open bill stork

  • Wooly necked stork

  • Black Ibis

  • Bar Headed Goose

  • Black stork

  • Lesser Adjutant Stork

  • Black-headed Ibis

  • Brahminy Duck

  • Lesser Whistling Teal

  • Comb Duck

  • Little Grebe

  • Grey Heron

  • Pond Heron

  • Large Egret

  • Median Egret

  • Northern Pintail

  • Large Browed Wagtail

  • Grey Bush Chat

  • Common Stonechat

  • Pied Bush chat

  • Indian Robin

  • Blue Rock Thrush

  • Orange-headed ground Thrush

  • Plain-backed Thrush

  • Blue capped Rock Thrush

  • Scaly Thrush

  • Tickell's Thrush

  • Indian Roller

  • Common Hoopoe

  • Malabar pied hornbill

  • Brown-Headed Barbet

  • Eurasian Wryneck

  • Rufus Woodpecker

  • Lesser Goldenback

  • Lesser Yellow Nape

  • Puff Throat Warbler

  • Blyth's Leaf Warbler

  • Ruby throat

  • Blue throat

  • Oriental Magpie Robin

  • Black Redstart

  • Grey Tit

  • Chestnut bellied Nuthatch

  • Spotted Creeper

Spotted some names you’ve never seen before?

There are many, many more species than the ones mentioned above in Tadoba - around 145 resident birds, 35 local migrants and 100 migrant birds.

Wouldn’t you like to see them all?

If you’re an avid birder, or a budding one, come to Tadoba. Book a luxurious stay at Jharana Jungle Lodge and set out into paradise, because that’s what this jungle is for birdwatchers.


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