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Tiger Season at Tadoba Begins with a Roar

Seeing tigers roaming around in their natural habitats just 10 feet away is a unique experience.

And with a high population of tigers, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve offers this experience to thousands and thousands of visitors every year.

And if you’d like to view the famous tigers of Tadoba closely, there are several factors you need to consider, especially the best time to visit the tiger reserve.

When is the best time to visit Tadoba?

This region boasts of a tropical climate, and that makes the months of winter the best time to be at Tadoba.

The sweltering months of April and May are actually the best months to sight tigers in Tadoba, since the heat makes them come towards the cooler waterholes in the jungle.

Post-monsoon October heat has the same effect, with lush greenery and beautiful flowers adorning the wilderness.

That’s the reason the Tiger season in Tadoba starts in October.

And it started this year a couple days ago, on October 3.. With a ROAR.

The first tiger sighting of this season…

The season couldn’t have started on a better note as the majestic tigress Jharni was spotted with her adult male and female cubs in the Ramdegi Buffer zone on October 3.

This sighting promises more to come.

Also important is the time of day…

Dawn and dusk are the best times of the day to sight tigers, because that’s when they go prowling.

So, would you like to watch the famous tigers in Tadoba from a mere 10 feet away?

Jharana Jungle Lodge in Tadoba offers day tiger safaris from the Navegaon gate, with our naturalists guiding you through the diverse wilderness that is the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. You can enquire about the day safaris at www.jharanajunglelodge.com.


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