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100 days of patience and revival

‘How is lockdown going on?’ is a common question asked nowadays.
Well, we have already completed century of lockdown and it was not
cake walk for most people. Many of us had fun to spend time at home
with family, working from home, pursuing hobbies or even doing
courses. However, there were many who were just bored of seating at
home and looking for unlock. However, the lockdown was not only
about people, these 100 days saw businesses and industries affecting
badly. The time has now come to unlock or start in afresh.
After the lockdown, the unlock needs to be more careful, determined
and sturdy. The pandemic is still looming over hence starting the
business with caution is important. We need to think of future as the
road ahead is not easy and smooth. However, appropriate planning and
systematic execution can take us a long way. Lockdown also gave us a
chance to ponder over mistakes and correcting it for the better
tomorrow. We all need to keep patience, hope and perseverance to
resurrect and rebuild ourselves.
Although, the whole country was under lockdown, animals at
Chandrapur jungle were roaming in the open space waiting for humans.
However, now the time has come to meet them in their territory as
Tadoba safari has started for you. Tadoba safari bookings are on and
you can book your stay at nearby hotels in Tadoba. There are several
resorts in Tadoba for your stay. Navegaon gate at Tadoba has Jharana
Jungle Lodge resort in Tadoba.
Considered as one of the best resorts in
Tadoba National Park, you can book your trip through the Lodge
website. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and Jharana Jungle Lodge is
eagerly waiting for your arrival. Hope to see you soon.


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