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Human Animal relation with jungle

Although we are facing the pandemic and the state is under lockdown, we have the fighting spirit to break the chain and overcome the virus. While people are under quarantine, animals are finding their ways into human areas which has been witnessed in various cities of India. Although human-animal conflict has been highlighted many times, such sightings melts our hearts. However, care is taken by many people to preserve animal’s natural habitat from zoos and national parks. Many sanctuaries and reserves have been enhancing the ecosystem in a better way.

While we talk about these sanctuaries, we can immediately relate it to safaris or jungle tours. Forest department and conservation authority have been maintaining these reserves through its continuous upgradation and maintenance. Hence, safaris here are enjoyable. We can see animals moving in open spaces which creates lot of excitement. However, we need to follow the rules of these safaris and understand that it is their habitat and we cannot hamper it in any way.

The current lockdown also highlighted the concrete jungles of the cities which are far more away from the nature of the forest. These jungles also highlight the forest environment. The atmosphere here is more pure and pleasant. You can enjoy the quiet and open spaces with your family while enjoying the treasure of the jungle. You will find several places of stays near these jungles where you can stay and one such lodge is Jharana Jungle Lodge. You can enjoy the virtual of the jungle till the lockdown and visit it later.


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