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Live safari in your living room

Today, when the world is suffering from pandemic and people are in the safety of their homes, Jharana Jungle Lodge would love to salute the warriors like policemen, doctors, nurses and cleaners among others who are working round the clock for us. People have various ways to spend time at home. Some have opted for ‘work from home’ while some are engaging in their favourite hobbies and following their passions. Most of the people are spending quality time with their loved ones which otherwise was not possible.

Many of you might have made the plans of trips in vacations and are now stuck at home. Well, although you are at home, television and virtual world is always open for you. How would it be if you to get to watch jungle safari at home? Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is coming up with ‘virtual jungle safari’ wherein you can roam around the jungle seating at your home. Most of the jungles have come with this unique concept as summer is one of the peak seasons for safaris and TATR is not behind. You can watch them on their website or on their YouTube channel. These audio-visual presentations can be a useful piece of information for many adventure enthusiasts.

TATR has been showing the wild life of animals each day. Famous for tigers, TATR gets many visitors around the year. Most of the times tourist become sad when they don’t see their favourite animal during their ride. However, these virtual safaris rule out any uncertainties as they show you the whole jungle in its full glory. TATR virtual safaris show you a relaxing tiger, rare species of birds, deers, sambars, monkeys and bear among others. You can see the videos and get your daily dose of thrills, shrills and excitement of the forest.


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