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Live the Jungle Safari Thrill at Tadoba.

There is nothing like the thrill of walking through the jungle looking for a tiger and knowing they could be watching you already”

We hear stories from people describing their enthralling jungle safari experience. How they enjoyed spending time in nature’s home. Agree or not but you also wish to live the thrill at least once in the lifetime but all your trip plans take you to more urbanized places. All this because you look for luxury over peace? Well, If you are an ardent nature enthusiast, exploring the unexplored trails and understanding the ecosystem can give you the supreme joy in your otherwise busy lifestyle. 

Jungle Safari brings you to the world of Animal Kingdom where a different ecosystem runs its habitat. You can watch animals in the zoo easily but to observe the behavior of various animals, birds in their own ecological settings is a way different feeling which can be a very soul-satisfying experience for nature lovers. 

India is a hub to millions of species and enjoying nature is very accessible across the nation because of various National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries. One such famous place to live the jungle safari dream is - Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve,  located near Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Interestingly, it consists of Tadoba National Park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary which is a perfect blend for an ideal Jungle Safari. It is home to Tigers, Wild dog, Leopard, Sambar, Cheetal, Ratel, Flying squirrel, Nilgai, Pangolin and many more wildlife species.

Apart from Jungle Safari, the area has a wonderful resort named Jharana Jungle Lodge, situated merely 300 meters from Tadoba’s Navegaon gate. With various Jungle Safari Packages and adventurous activities such as Cycling, Wall climbing, Bird watching with experts, Bon-fire, Village tour and more, it is an ideal place to plan an adventurous yet relaxing stay.  Most noteworthy, the eco-friendly Jharana Jungle resort not only gives you all the vibes of nature, but it also ensures that your stay and jungle safari experience is worth happy storytelling!


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