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Trip to National park

National park and wildlife sanctuary are one of our favorite picnic spots since childhood. Children are attracted to these animals through their stories. Children always have an excitement about knowing them and understanding them. They create stories around them and enact them in plays and dance competitions. Our country has also been making efforts to save wildlife through national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Most of the cities of India have their national park which has been preserved for a better ecosystem. Apart from saving animals, even the flora and nature remains conserved in the right environment.

Nowadays, we have several animal safaris which are an adventure in itself. Although national parks and zoos have a variety of animals, safaris provide you amazement of animals in the jeep. Based near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), Jharana Jungle Lodge organizes safaris to TATR. You can not only enjoy the safaris but also indulge in the interesting activities happening at Jharana Jungle Lodge. The nearest vacation is Diwali and you can book for Diwali safari at Jharana Jungle Lodge.

Going to safaris or visiting a national park is fun and exciting. However, there are a few reasons as well. Gaining knowledge about wildlife and its facades like animal conservation, flora, and nature among others. Awareness and concern about the environment are also one of the reasons. People start to learn and understand the nature and its importance. Wildlife photographers, bird watchers and people studying nature are also one of the prime visitors of the forest. You can engage yourself in trekking and rope walking activities in the jungle. However, we need to keep in mind that our aim should be to embrace nature and not spoil it. We need to keep our jungle clean and help authorities to encourage more people to visit the jungle. 


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