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Look Up At Night Sky and Enjoy Some Stargazing At Jharana Jungle Lodge

Few classic camping activities never go out of style: sitting around the campfire and enjoying good old-tradition stargazing. Viewing the wonder of the night sky is an ideal after-dark activity for all sorts of trips: be its romantic getaways or fun-for-the-whole-family vacations. Mentioned below are certain ideas for how to make the most of your stargazing activity at Jharana Jungle Lodge.

Stargazing tricks and tips

A night under the stars can be actually a fairy-tale. But you obviously want to make sure that you're ready with appropriate supplies to make it perfect.

·     Put In warm clothes. It can be cold and windy at night, particularly when you're away from home. Dress warmly so that you're comfortable.

·     Carry the right supplies. A few water bottles, a snack, a chair or a blanket are all good stuff to carry along. A star chart can help you discover constellations, stars and moon phases. It's also simple to spot distant planets as well as star clusters.

·     Protect your night vision. Make use of red paper or cellophane in order to cover your white flashlight or lantern so that it's tranquil to perceive a few of the dimmer constellations when you're stargazing.

The sky is huge and filled with enigmatic and interesting things. We can observe the numerous wonder of the sky with the help of telescopes or with the unaided eye. The sky has been generally mapped, and if you learn the patterns of the stars, you will be never lost when staring into the massiveness of the night sky. 

Far from city-life, far from pollution, Jharana Jungle Lodge offers an abundance of opportunities to view the star-studded sky.


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