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Ancient vibes of Tadoba

History is the antique identity of any place. It not only reveals its origin but also the reasons behind it. In India, we have several famous historical monuments who have a vast history behind it. They represent vintage fabric of India that has been popular all over the world. Although history is past, it depicts valor, facts and many mesmerizing details about the earlier eras. Apart from the artistic beauty of tourist spot, we should also learn about the past of the place. You will be surprised to understand the historical background which will reveal a lot about that era.

Even, a jungle can have historic importance and it is true about Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Known for tigers and unique flora and fauna, TATR has a great history. The area of TATR was ruled by Gond tribals and Chandrapur, the nearest railway station was their capital. Jungle was dense in those days and had ancient temples. One temple was of dedicated to tribal man Tadu or Taru who bravely fought with the tiger and later succumbed to the injuries. The temple was dedicated to him and even the name of the jungle was given after him.

While wandering in the jungles of Tadoba, tourists can notice long pillars at many places. These are not ordinary pillars but a way of communication. Each pillar has a ring on the top, a long rope was made and inserted in the ring of each pillar. It was to indicate the arrival of the king. This way people and priest were alerted about king’s arrival to the temple. In fact, a danger or an enemy spy lurking around could be averted. Whenever king is on his way, his army would pull the rope to ring the bell to know about the king’s whereabouts. So, here we see a jungle having an interesting history for the tourists to enjoy with safari. 


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