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Wondering in woods

If you have passion for being a wanderlust or discover places, you have lot to reconnoiter through the globe. Although there are several ways to celebrate your leisure time, you have to choose wisely. You can explore oceans, hilly areas, plains and off course jungles as well. Jungles are vital part of our country and hence efforts are taken for preserving them. Few years back, wildlife in India was at stake with wild animals getting instinct. However, in last three decades Government of India has started National Tiger Conservation Authority to preserve tiger population. There are reserves for other animals wherein wildlife gets a proper sanctuary.

Apart from the animal sanctuaries, the wilderness beckons many people and hence people are tempted to jungles. A jungle safari is an excitement for wildlife enthusiasts. Jungles in India have several safari packages for its patrons. While planning a jungle safari we should be properly ready. First of all, call the jungle authorities and speak to them personally regarding your queries and doubts. Consult an expert before planning a safari as online information may not be much helpful. You can plan a 3 to 4 night stay and look for early morning safaris in jungle.

Decide what exactly you are looking for in the jungle. If you are a wild life photographer, bird watcher or a just a nature walker, you can hire a safari operator who can help you in your activity and also take you to through the wild. When in jungle, concentrate on the wilderness. Hear the various sounds, smells, scenic spots and engage yourself in getting the information of rare flora of the jungle. Respect the decorum of the jungle and keep in mind that you are here to cherish the beauty of the place. Keep your cell phones switched off and cut yourself from the outer world to enjoy the inner exquisiteness. 


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