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Explore your angle in the jungle

Photography is one amazing field where one can have exciting future. However, wildlife photography is adventurous and thrilling. It not only gives you a chance to experiment with your lens but also takes you close to nature. However, to be a wild life photographer you need to have passion for animals and nature. Apart from doing a photography course, you also need to have practical training of wildlife photography. Just having a DSLR camera is not enough, you need to have an eye for angle and detailing. There are several forests in India and abroad where you can fulfill your photography love.

You can plan a jungle safari to various forests. However, many forest keep separate safaris for wildlife photographers. First of all, plan your photography program. There are special reserves for animals in India, where you can choose your preferred animals for photography. If you want to shoot tigers, you can choose Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. In case, you want random photographs, you can choose any type of jungles. Speak to forest ranger or officer to show the part where there have been more animal sightings.

While going for a photography session, you need to be completely prepared. Choose dress that co-ordinates with the jungle atmosphere and go for minimal clothing. However ensure that your body is covered properly to avoid direct sun. Rub mosquito repellent on your body so that you can be saved from insects. Keep enough of water and snacks with you to satisfy yourself.

Keep things like torch and a stick handy in case of emergency. Ensure to keep a map of the jungle in case of need. Speak to forest officer about the weather before entering the jungle. Keep in mind that your attitude should be to embrace the nature and not conquer it. Jharana Jungle Lodge near Tadoba has organized a photography contest which started on May 5 2019 and ends on June 5, 2019.   

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