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Rendezvous in woods

In the summer season, you may be thinking about your trip location with your family. Your children will be having their vacations and they might be insisting on some cooler place. You have an awesome option of jungle safaris which can be fun for your children as they watch animals and you can enjoy safaris and other activities. Even senior citizens can relax at interesting resorts near the safaris. While looking for safaris, do your research well. Look for the ones which give you the overall rustic effect of jungle life and also helps you to enjoy your trip thoroughly.

There are several wildlife sanctuaries in India where you can enjoy the safari. However, if you are looking for Maharashtra, then Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the best options. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a full-fledged reserve for adventure, animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. TATR has several options for your entertainment. The amazing safari packages by Tadoba are truly enchanting to tourists. There are several resorts nearby the reserve for your comfortable stay. There is fabulous flora around to take you near nature. Several other activities like bird watching, star gazing, visit the nearby village, nature walk, rope walk, and wall climbing among others.

However, while going for a safari, we need to be cautious. You need full covered dress to avoid allergies, blend your clothes with the jungle theme, light baggage, stay calm without loud talks in jungle, stay calm during photography, keep your cell phones on silent modes, avoid bringing infants or toddlers and last avoid provoking animals by throwing stones, playing tricks or loud noises among others. Make sure to embrace the natural environment and enjoy your trip completely. Jharana Jungle Lodge is one of the popular resort near Navegoan gate of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. 


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