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Tadoba Jungle Safari – Do’s and Don’t

As We all love jungle safari and we go to have good tiger sightingin jungle but due to our few mistake in jungle, animals go away from us and we cannot enjoy jungle safari. There are many good resort in tadoba which give you luxury facility along with jungle safari but due to guest mistakes done in jungle they cannot have good safari. Here are some important do and don’t I am sharing with you to have good jungle safari and good tiger sighting.


Blend your clothes with Jungle theme:

Always wear cloths which blends with jungle theme and your cloths should not be too bright or fluorescent color they might be disturbing for animals and they might also get scared and may get away or might get disturb. So always wear clothing which ix with jungle theme.


Don’t forget your camera to take beautiful pictures of animals and birds this will keep memories along with you.

Stay Calm:

You must be stay calm when inside the jungle. Don’t make unnecessary noise. Over excitement this may keep animals away from you.

Stay in good naturalist company:

It is very important that you always be with your naturalist so that he will give you all details about the animals. Stay in company of good guide.

Carry Light Bag:

It is very important that you should carry light bags. Only bring the tings which you will need in jungle.

Don’t forget to carry these:

Carry your sunglasses, hats & sunscreen to avoid yourself from sunburn. Wear jungle shoed to avoid insect bites.

Medical aid:

Don’t forget to carry medical aid and other necessary items in jungle. It might possible that you get injured due to any reason that time you must have antiseptic cream along with you.


Don’t feed Animals:

Don’t ever try to feed animals in jungle this may harm you animals behave unpredictable which may harmful for them and you too.

Refrain from Littering:

You should not through your waste in jungle. Jungle is animal’s home and if you will though something their it means you are Littering In their home.

Stay away from animals:

Don’t try to get close with any animals this might be danger for you. Animals can attack you don’t disturb them.

No Loud Talks:

Don’t talk loud this keep animals away and you might not have good sighting.

Child Trouble:

Don’t bring small children or infants in jungle as they make noise and sometime it is difficult to keep them silent.

Stay Calm during Photography:

Don’t make noise and stay calm while clicking photographs or shooting videos. Keep your camera flash mode off.

Fire Alert:

Don’t smoke in jungle.

Cell phone on silent mode

Keep your cell phones switched off or on silent mode.


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