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How reserves are the saviors of ecology

We repetitively hear in the news about wild animals being seen into metros which are on periphery of the jungle. It is off course a breaking news and people shudder at the thought. However, we need to think the other way round. The wild animals are entering our territory as we have been encroaching on their spaces. The forest land in India has been continuously invaded to make way for concrete jungles. The result being the extinction of dwellings for wild animals while harming the ecology.

However, we can breathe a sigh of relief wherein India has several forest reserves dedicated to wild animals. Although lion is king of the jungle, tiger has its own distinct identity in the woods. The diminishing number of tigers at an alarming rate have been decreased due to the efforts taken by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NCTA).

‘Project Tiger’ is a tiger conservation program launched by the Government of India for Bengal tigers. It aims for a viable population of tigers in their natural habitat while protecting them from extinction and preserving areas of biological importance. The tiger reserves are the part of this project. There are around 50 tiger reserves in India. These reserves also encourage the tourism industry of the location through jungle safaris.

Jungle safaris are fun for people as you experience adventure and sightseeing together. These reserves take special care in preserving the animals and plants in the jungle. They have become so popular that the locations have become famous due to them. It has hotels, resorts and restaurants among others in the surroundings for staying of tourist. The resorts organize special safaris for their guests and also engage them in various activities. Jharana Jungle Lodge is one such popular resort near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. 


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