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How Does a Stay at Jharana Look Like?

If you’re planning to spend a few days at Jharana Jungle Lodge in Tadoba, you’ve probably been presented with a few package options. You don’t know which package to choose and you’re confused about it.

To help you out, here’s a guide to how a stay at Jharana Jungle Lodge looks like, so you can decide accordingly:

The Beginning

The tour starts in Nagpur. Once you make your way to the city, Jharana picks you up and takes you to our lodge in the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, where you can check-in.

Enjoy lunch at the restaurant where our chef prepares the most delicious dishes for you. Once you’re full, you’re free to indulge in any and all activities around the lodge, including cooling off in the swimming pool, archery and more.

Gather for dinner at 8 pm, or for a campfire in months of winter for a fun experience.

Day 2

It’s time for a wildlife safari!

You and our naturalist will head out through the Navegaon Gate in Tadoba for a wildlife safari on an open jeep. Breakfast will be served in the middle of the jungle.

You will see a variety of birds, animals and flora along with the famous tigers of Tadoba. Our naturalist will tell you about each of them as you keep going.

This is where the packages start differing.

If you opt for the 1N/2D package, this is where we say goodbye. At noon, we’ll drop you back to Nagpur and bid you farewell.

But if you opt for any of the longer packages, there are a few options to consider..

If you choose the 2N/3D package with nature, our naturalist will take you on a farm visit, a village visit or a nature walk around the lodge, after the tiger safari ends.

If you choose the one with 2 safaris, this day would be when we take you into the core zone of Tadoba for a safari, where you would be able to see animals like the Gaur and the Sloth bear.

If you choose the one with the temple visit, you’ll be taken to the famous Balaji temple in Chandrapur where you can admire its architectural beauty.

The End

On the last day, you will be taken to Palasgaon, located around 15 kms from Jharana, where you’ll be taken to a workshop and store of bamboo handicrafts. Browse through and take beautiful souvenirs home.

At noon, we’ll drop you off at Nagpur and bid you farewell.

These is the basic summary of a 1N/2D or a 2N/3D stay at Jharana Jungle Lodge.

We also offer a 3N/4D package which goes as follows:

The first day is the same.

On the second day, you’ll be visiting Palasgaon for souvenir shopping before coming back to the resort for lunch. Post lunch, you’ll be taken for a wildlife safari on an open jeep into the core zone of Tadoba. Come back for the high tea and dinner at 8 pm.

On the third day, you’ll go on an early morning safari into the buffer zone of Tadoba. You’ll be served breakfast in the jungle, and after the safari, you get time to freshen up before leaving for a visit to the Gozadari lake, around 50 kms from the resort. Take a dip, or go for boating or other activities at the lake. Come back for high tea and dinner.

The last day will see you visit the famous Balaji temple in Chandrapur before being escorted back to Nagpur after a memorable trip.

Read something you like? Get in touch with Jharana Jungle Lodge now and book your package today!


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