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Experience Thrill with Tigers In Tadoba Core Jungle Safari

Our Guest has made their plan on last moment and we arranged their core zone safari from navegaon gate near to our resort. Our guest really had good luck for tiger sighting. Our safari start was very exciting one big mongoos cross us at beginning, that made us very curious to see other jungle animals especially jewel 0f tadoba ”Bengal tigers”. We heard that tigers made kill at Jamunbodi Lake. As soon as We head to jungle & we reach to near to lake from lake hardly 3 Km we spotted something moving and we had sighting of “Choti tara” along with her cubs. They were coming from meadows of grass. They made grand entry together and we were like full with thrilled experience. These tigers came very near to our gypsy and pass by us and went inside trees.

They have made kill near jamunbodi lake so they were roaming nearby this lake from last 4 days. One of choti tara cub was injured on his stomach by bison war during kill in jungle. This tiger encounter really paid off our jungle safari to Tadoba national park. After tiger sighting we move on and also seen other jungle animals in core safari. We saw wild dogs sitting on the road and also seen deer in grass in group. Really that safari was very nice and we really enjoy most we ever enjoyed in any safari.

Tadoba is also famous for bird watching we reached to next spot panchdhara where we were expecting Brown fish owl and we encounter this big bird, Owl was sitting on tree branch and he was looking to us with very sharp vision. We have seen some other beautiful birds.

Tadoba jungle also have many tree verity which make tadoba national park very special, we have seen many verity in trees like mahua, bamboo, nilgiri tress etc. We was very satisfied by our tiger sighting and other animals sighting we was tired now and then came back to resort. We had very nice food at dinner Non veg food was very tasty along with other special verity in food which makes our day ended up with big smile on face. As its winter season after dinner we set in camp fire and chatting in group that moment was very good. Next day we wake up with full smile and ready to go back to home with unforgettable memory of tadoba national park.


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