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Tadoba Tiger Profile: Choti Tara

The tiger sighting season in 2018 started with a bang, with the tigress Choti Tara (T7) being spotted with her cubs in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Choti Tara is 8 years of age, which means she’s quite old and has delighted visitors and naturalists alike in the huge national park.

Choti Tara was born in a litter of 4, and one of her siblings Okhaan used to be common sighting in Tadoba until he disappeared a few years ago.

Like the Maya tigress, Choti Tara is known to rule a big territory in Tadoba, covering the areas from close to the Kolara gate to the Jamni grassland to Jamunbodi. Tourists have been treated to her might and majesty near these places.

Her Cubs

Choti Tara initially gave birth to 2 cubs - a male and a female. She had revealed the father of these cubs to be Gabbar, one of the more popular male tigers in the region.

The male cub died unfortunately, but the female cub is reportedly alive and well.

A couple years later, Choti Tara was again spotted with 2 cubs, a second litter she had with a tiger she revealed to be the famous Matkasur.

Like Maya, Choti Tara commands a big territory, has mated with both Gabbar and Matkasur, and is a bright star of Tadoba. Many tourists feel privileged to have seen the Little Star and her cubs in the tiger reserve.

You can see Choti Tara, Maya and other magnificent tigers in Tadoba from a mere 10 feet away with amazing Jungle Safaris organized by Jharana Jungle Lodge from the Navegaon gate.


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