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The Beautiful Lodge in the Woods: Guest Experiences at Jharana

Tadoba is a place that people remember for the tigers.

And Jharana Jungle Lodge.

Visitors to our resort, situated amidst 6.5 acres of lush greenery, get the complete experience of a premium holiday experience in the diverse wilderness of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Guests to Jharana are treated to great service from the get go - when you reach the city of Nagpur, our shuttle service picks you up from wherever you are to take you 105 kms away to Tadoba, where your adventure begins.

If you’ve had a tiring trip, a soothing Spa experience at the resort will rejuvenate your senses almost immediately.

A classy restaurant equipped with expert chefs will whip up tasty meals for you and your friends and family. A wealth of options await you there with our chefs being great at preparing dishes from a variety of cuisines.

Now it’s time for the thing you’ve come to Tadoba for: Tiger Safari.

We take you in an open jeep for a safari which starts from the Navegaon gate, which is akin to a live zoo, with wildlife including leopards, bears, nilgai, hyena, sambar deer, marsh crocodiles and gaurs roaming all over the place.

And this is without mentioning the 80 tigers and their cubs that you can see from a mere 10 feet away!

You’re accompanied by our expert naturalist who will guide you and inform you about the wildlife that you encounter.

Day safaris can be tiring, and once you’re done, you can hit the Spa again or cool off in the Swimming Pool.

This already sounds like a great trip, but we go one step further by offering several activities that you and your family can enjoy. These activities include stargazing, wall climbing, nature walking, archery, village visits and more.

We are committed to providing you a complete experience in the midst of the Tadoba National Park and we are dedicated to ensuring that your stay at Jharana Jungle Lodge is a memorable one.

Don’t believe us?

Click here to see what our previous guests had to say about Jharana..

So, would you like to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Get in touch with Jharana Jungle Lodge and book your package today!


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