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Birthday gift to Chaitanya and his family

It’s very busy day mid of May, 15th May Chaitanya come at our resort with his beautiful family. He had 2 beautiful kids Yashasvi and Ansh, they are very playful. Me and harsh took them nature walkWe talk so many things about tree and birds while nature walk, its good nature walk, Next day they had safari in jungle harsh go with them but they didn’t sighted the tiger in that safari, kids are crying because they didn’t see the tiger, in night chaitanya talk about what to do in morning should go to safari or not kids are very upset about it. I talk with him and tell him that I will come with you, maybe we see tiger in morning, and there is more chance in morning to see the tiger, so decided to go into jungle at morning I tell them to timing about morning safari, while talking I come to know about chaitanya’s birthday is 16th May, I praying god that he and his family see the tiger and it’s a best gift by me for them, it s all set for morning safari at 5am morning we all ready to go into jungle, our jeep driver is damodhar he is good driver and guide is bandu he is also good, we start our safari, I tell them about route where to go so we start according that, we 1st go at budbudi the waterhole there is no tiger movement at all, than we move towards jogamoga jharan where most tiger sighting is happened and I hope today we see tiger there. We reach there I saw one vehicle is there and I thought oh god no tiger there because faces tell the story, their faces are down. We also stop there and looking for tiger, suddenly I see some movement, ho god it’s a tiger, its female cub of Jharani, she is looking big in size, I tell chaiytanya its birthday gift from me, female cub take hunting position, oh god she hunt a monkey, wow what sighting and what birthday gift and more important smile on kids face that is what I want, smile on the kids face. I thanks god for this, chaitanya and his family see tiger on chaitanya birthday, maybe god plane all this through me. They see their 1st tiger while tiger is hunting a monkey.WOW what morning. We are very happy. In afternoon they leave our resort with happy face and big smile on kids face. 


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