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Tadoba - The Land of Tigers

Spread over 600 square kilometres in the heart of India lies Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, home to more than 80 Bengal tigers and a diverse array of flora and fauna.

Encounters with wildlife including leopards, gaur, sloth bears, spotted deer, sambar, four-horned antelopes and flying squirrels is common.

Well, diversity is to be expected from the largest national park in Maharashtra.

What’s surprising is that Tadoba promises visitors guaranteed sightings of the magnificent beast - the Tiger.

There are 6 gates in the core zone of the Tadoba Reserve which are the starting points to wildlife safaris into the Reserve:

  1. Moharli Gate: The oldest entrance to the park

  1. Kuswanda Gate

  1. Kolara Gate

  1. Navegaon Gate

  1. Pangdi Gate

  1. Zari Gate

Jharana Jungle Lodge is located near the Navegaon gate and we offer day safari packages as well as hospitality options for a great adventure in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

The winter season is considered the best time to visit Tadoba, but the hotter months of April and May are also considered good seasons to have the best chance to watch majestic tigers in their natural habitat.

The king of Tadoba is Matkasur - a male tiger that is one of the most popular tigers in this Reserve.

But the pride of Tadoba is the tigress Maya - she rules the territory near Pandherpauni and has been influential in the rising population of tigers in the Reserve.

People from all over the world, let alone India, come to witness the majesty of the Queen of Tadoba - Maya.

Other famous tigers in Tadoba include:

  1. Sonam (Tigress) - Telia Dam

  2. Bajrangi (Tiger) - Telia Dam

  3. Chhoti Tara (Tigress) - Jamni and Jamunbodi

  4. WaghDoh (Tiger) - Buffer Zone

  5. Shivaji (Tiger) - Kolsa

Research well, and choose the gate you’d like to start your safari at. Then choose a place to stay near the gate you’ve chosen for convenience’s sake, and venture forth into the Land of Tigers in a jeep to witness the beauty of Tadoba and the Bengal Tiger in all its glory!


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