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Interesting Facts About Tigers

Unlike lions, tigers are solitary animals. It’s fairly rare to see them group together in the wild, the exception to this is a tigress with her cubs. A group of tigers is called a streak.

Tigers are quite territorial. They engage in fatal fights to defend their territory.

Tiger cubs are born blind and remain so until 6-14 days Tigers squint or close their eyes to show happiness. This is because losing vision lowers defense, so tigers (and many other cats) only purposefully do so when they feel comfortable and safe.

They can jump more than 30 feet in a single leap & are strong swimmers.

Tiger stripes are like human finger prints. Each of them are unique, no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.

Tigers mark their territory by urinating (scent spraying), scratching the bark of the trees and roaring.

You can know the approximate age of tigers through the colour of their nose. While young its pink in colour and keeps darkening to blackish-brown as they grow older.

A Tiger will retract it’s claws when it walks which is why you will never find claw marks on the tiger’s tracks.

The white spots at the back of the tiger’s ears are called ocelli. There are many theories about their function which remains largely unknown.

Tigers usually hunt their larger prey by ambush. They ambush the animal by leaping out and seizing its neck in their teeth. If a major artery is severed, the animal dies in seconds. Otherwise, the tiger hangs on as the prey thrashes and it quickly dies of strangulation.


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