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Magic of buffer

Its normal day begins with rainy morning feeling very sad about we didn’t sighted tiger in our safari in core. Guest also feeling very angry about whether. I did talk with them and told them, maybe we will see tiger in night near our resort. I just told them that jhari’s cub roam near resort .Jhari is a female tigers in buffer zone of Navegaon Ramdedhi. She has 2 cub male and female maybe 2 year old. Male cub is very bold and big in size. I told everything about jhari and her cubs to motivate them almost 2 hour talk with them. There mood still down and they left lobby with heavy heart All the afternoon i just thinking about what to do make them happy. nothing is in my hand That day i just sit in lobby and thinking on and on. they did there last safari still no tiger i also fell sad for them. In Tadoba you didn’t see tiger it’s means your luck is not in your side. But i am very positive man and always motivate myself. I still feel that something going to happen. In evening 6 pm we got mail from our Nagpur office that one checking is coming in night. We all waiting for them. On 7.30pm some of us think that booking is cancelled talking about that but I still think about something going to happen. It was 8.30 pm one vehicle come towards our resort gate. I came outside of lobby for welcome them. As soon as vehicle stop near me one of lady in vehicle shouting they saw that tiger sit on road only 50 meter from resort gate. I ask her are you sure it’s tiger and she said ya it’s a patewala tiger, than i run into lobby told that Jayant our GM. That time our lobby was full of guests and one of them was the guest they didn’t see the tiger in 4 safari. We took all of them in our jeeps and going towards spot where that lady saw the tiger sitting. I praying all the way that tiger will not move from that place. My mind think lots of things in that 100 meter driving. oh god i can’t believe it i saw the two eyes shining in darkness and it was big cat sitting outside of road. We all stop 20 meter away from him. It was male tiger. We all think it’s raana jhari”S male cub, he look like raana. I thanks god that he bless all of us to witness this. After 5 minutes he standup and walk across the road, he walk like king. After waking of 10 meter he sit near the road, he watching towards us, he look very calm and not bothered what’s going on surrounded near him. I think he is use to this. Suddenly he starts walking towards our jeeps and cross the road and walk inside the jungle, on the way he mark his area, he spread some tree, near one he standup on two legs and mark on tree, he did claw mark scratches on tree, he walk deep into jungle and we saw him till he decipher.. We feel just wow, no words for this kind of sighting and it’s so near the our resort, just behind the room No.5.. I thanks god for this, feeling very happy for guest that they didn’t see the tiger in 4 safari but they saw the tiger near resort.. they are very happy now. We all reach our resort with happy face.. When all the guests goes there room, i started machine the photos with Raana”S photos took by me, it’s not raana it’s new male and it’s good news to buffer of Navegaon and ramdeghi, and very good news for Jharana jungle lodge that tiger so near the gate of resort.


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