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Memorable safaris with Mark, Gloria, James and Gordon

It’s mid of May month Jayant tell me that 4 European will coming our resort and I have to go with them in safari. Its 17th may morning 10am they come at our resort, i meet them at lobby and talk about resort and jungle, after that i show them there rooms, and I told them about safari timing, after lunch 2.30pm we move for safari from our resort, my jeeps driver  is gunwanta i introduce him with Mark, Gloria, James and Gordon, he is very good driver, our guide is Ramrao and he also very good knowledge of jungle, he is very good guide, we start our evening safari from navegaon gate, its 3pm we start from navegaon gate, I talk with Ramrao about safari where  to go, and move accordingly that so we 1st  go at Pandharpaoni talav 1 and 2, no tiger movement there no pugmark nothing so we move towards aambepaat while reaching aambepaat we heard a alarm call of sambhar deer from chikhalwai waterhole, we move fast towards chikhalwai waterhole, ho god it’s huge male tiger moving out from waterhole, its very huge male tiger, its a navegaon male tiger, some guide call him bhobdya, because one of his teeth has broken, some guide call him narshimha also, his aria is so big from Jharana resort to aambepaat it’s a very big aria. Its only one minute sighting but it’s change a atmosphere of our jeep, we all feeling very happy, so we move towards Tadoba lake with happy faces, while going tadoba lake I talk with Ramrao about 97 waterhole because in morning Maya and Matkasur was there so maybe they will there, i tell Ramrao we will go at 97 waterhole at 5pm because now so many jeeps will be there to see the big show so we will go there late as possible as we can, so we discuss about going Jamni via koshikanar to see choti Tara and her 2 cub, we wait Jamni lake almost 1 hour it’s time to go at 97 waterhole to watch  mega block buster show so we move towards 97 waterhole, when we reach there i say here we come at big cinema theatre of Tadoba, oh god it fully packed with jeeps almost more than a 30 jeeps there and hero of the movie is sitting in water and watch towards crowd, he is very calm, we also enter in crowd and looking to matkasur but we can’t see him because our jeep is so behind, we can’t see him at all, Mark say oh god how can we see it now, i tell him wait, after 5pm cinema theatre going to be empty and only navegaon gates jeeps will be here to watch the ending of 97 waterhole movie, he say how will that happen, i tell him that morali and kolara gate jeeps have leave this place 5pm and our gate jeeps timing of leaving is  5.30pm so we had more 30 minutes than morali and kolara , after 5pm one by one jeeps move outside of the 97 waterhole aria, only 6,7 jeeps are watching movie and suddenly matkasur walk outside of the waterhole and sit upside side of the waterhole Mark look towards me and smiling and say i think this movie directed by you Deepak I also smiling on that, after 2,3 minutes suddenly Maya the heroine of the movie comes nowhere from bushes towards matkasur and playing with him, look like love scene going on, they play with each other almost 10 minutes, and like Hindi movie one villain has to be there so here comes the villain, one big Indian Gour male comes to drink a water, he saw love scenes going on and he charge on them and couple run away from the waterhole and movie also end, we also move towards our resort with very happy faces, Day 1 safari we sighted 3 tiger and it’s a very good start wow…

Day 2 in  morning 5am i come at resort lobby, Mark saw me and come towards me and ask me, Deepak today which movie will you show us, i say Mark will going to see choti Tara and her cubs and hope we can see them,  he smiles and say oh good, so we move from our resort to safari gate, 5.30pm we start our morning safari, we check pandhatpaoni talav 1 and 2 than aambepaat, chikhalwai and Kala aamba but we didn’t see any pugmark at all no alarm call whatever so we move towards tadoba lake, at tadoba lake we wait 10 minutes to see any movement or any alarm call happen but nothing is happened and we move khotanda via panchdhara, chital road,  going to Jamni via koshikanar road, till now no movement of tiger at all, we reach Jamni and waiting there, while waiting we took our breakfast there, we waited there almost 2 hours, after 2 hours we see the glimpse of one cub of choti Tara, its 20 second sighting  we are happy with that, our time of safari is going to finish so we move  towards our resort, day 2 and in 2 Safari we saw 4 tiger, its good going, i tell Mark and others that we meet at lobby after lunch for evening safari at 2.30pm, while lunch i talk with gunwanta about evening safari, i told him were to go in evening safari, so after lunch I come to lobby and waiting for Mark and others,  2.30pm they all comes in lobby and we move for day 2 evening safari, we start our safari same route as we start in morning, we want to see cub of Choti Tara so we moving towards Jamni via koshikanar road, we reach Jamni and wait there till 5pm but no tiger movement there so we move towards 97 waterhole for Maya and matkasur if they still there but cinema theatre is empty, no tiger movement there also, so we move towards our gate, on anbodi we wait 5 minutes to see any tiger movement, but nothing is there too, we move on to pandharpaouni and after that towards our gate, we reach at gate, no tiger sighting in this safari, our face is down, we feel tired today, from gate to our  resort is 8 km away, that road is between buffer aria and it’s bonus for Navegaon gate safari, while coming our  resort i saw some jeeps are stop on road and watch something, i told Gunwanta run our jeep fast on that spot, we reach there and it’s bonus, a big sloth bear male near our jeep, and mood of inside the jeep are happy one, its 10 minutes sighting of sloth bear, and we again come with happy face in our resort, Day 2 finished we saw 4 tiger and 1 sloth bear in 3 safari, After dinner me and Gunwanta discuss about tomorrow morning safari, we talk on where to go and we decided that we will going tomorrow morning at jamunjora morali range. Its Day 3 morning safari our guide is Dinkar i tell him about safari where we will going today so we move towards jamunjora via tadoba lake panchdhara and khotanda we reach there and wait almost 2 hours, on jamunjora waterhole we hope to see bajarang or sonam, its their aria but no movement at all there. After 2 hour waiting we decided move from there, so we moving towards Jamni via koshikanar, at Jamni lake we stay and wait 10 minutes, hoping choti Tara or her cub come out to drink a water but no movement at all, Now our safari time also going to finish so we move towards resort, Day 3 Morning safari no tiger sighting at all, in 4 safari 4 tiger and 1 sloth bear sighted. I tell Mark we meet for evening safari in lobby after lunch, after lunch I come into lobby and waiting to Mark and others. They come into lobby at 2.30pm, we move from our resort for evening safari, we decided to go jamunjor again, so we move towards jamunjora via Tadoba lake, panchdhara and khotanda, we reach jamunjora it’s 4pm, 5 jeeps waiting to see any movement at waterhole, we also waiting there, after 10 minutes a huge male tiger come out from bushes towards waterhole, he come out and drinks water and sit into water, Mark look towards me and smiles and say Deepak  in morning maybe you shooting movie and now you realized here a jamunjora a new cinema theatre and I look at him and give him a big smile, almost 45 minutes he sit into water and after that he walk outside the waterhole and move into bushes, its a bajarang a male tiger, son of waghdoh male tiger, a big boss of tadoba, now we move towards our gate via panchdhara , while going we heard alarm calling at between chital road and jamunbodi, but our safari time going to finish so we move fast towards our gate, Day 3 finished 5 safari 5 tiger and 1 sloth bear sighted, after evening safari Mark ask me about they do not had tomorrow morning safari so we can do something, i tell him tomorrow morning we can go into buffer zone, I tell him it’s a beautiful jungle you will enjoy it, then he said it’s done we will going buffer tomorrow, in morning 5am I come into lobby and waiting for Mark and others, they all comes into lobby at 5.15am, our jeeps is changed and driver also now our driver is damodhar, we move from resort for our 1st buffer safari, buffer gate is only 200 miter away from resort, we just crossed buffer gate we saw one big sloth bear male, wow it’s very good start of morning safari. Its almost 10 minutes sighting, after that we move jogamoga via budbudi, when we reach jogamoga one jeeps come towards us from where tiger sighted daily they told us no tiger here and pass our jeeps, we reach that spot in one minute, oh i saw one tiger i say mark see the tiger,  oh i saw 2 tiger, i say mark mark see other one, its 2 year olds cubs of Zari a female tigers of buffer, i wonder how could that jeeps not see this tiger, it’s not possible just one minute before they pass from here, they told us no tiger here, its bamboo resort jeeps, Mark is laughing on them,  Mark and me now joking on them and laugh, we saw 2 tiger in 30 minutes, its best morning safari we had, its 30 minutes sighting of 2 tigers’, than we move to ginichuwa waterhole for birding, its good waterhole for birding, we reach there while birding we took our breakfast, we stay there almost 2 hours, we did good birding and took good photographs, we move from there to our resort, day 4 in 6 safari we saw 7 tigers and 2 sloth bear, and 1st time Gloria speak and she say it’s best morning we had till date, Thank you Deepak, wow it’s very good feeling to make someone happy.. Now one safari to go and it’s a core evening safari and hoping the happy ending, after lunch I talk with gunwanta and he told me about choti Tara killed a sambhar near jamunbodi, oh that’s good we will go there in evening safari, at 2.30pm we all comes into lobby and move to our last safari, i told Mark about choti Tara killed sambhar deer, we reach the spot, we saw the kill but no Choti Tara, dinkar was our guide I tell him, maybe choti Tara goes towards her cub so we will move at Jamni, so we will moving Jamni via jamunbodi, hilltop,  we reach at Jamni nala, and wait, suddenly one alarm call from jamin square, we move fast there, we reach there and I saw Choti Tara walking on road towards hilltop, we move head from her while she marking on tree, now she is walking head-on towards us,  Mark say Deepak you are a very good director of the movie i look at him and laugh, choti Tara walk almost 45 minutes head-on towards us , we took lots of photographs our movie ending is very happy. 4 day in 7 safaris we saw 8 tigers 2 sloth bear, we all are very happy for that, its memorable safaris for me, i remember Mark Gloria James and Gordon forever in my life. Thank you very much to all of Them for coming India and giving me a such a memorable moments thanks and Thanks to Jayant and Jharana management  also giving me such opportunity…


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