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Guide Traning At jharana Jungle Loadge

It was one of the regular event at Jharana Jungle Lodge, but was an auspicious one, as Jharana Jungle Lodge as per its social responsibility has completed it. A training session of the TATR Jungle guide was under the guidance of Mr. Aniruddha Chaoji a personality having the jungle soul and breath of its habitat. It was not only the knowledge sharing between the trainer and the trainees but was the exchange of thoughts on how to get intermingle with the forest and to put forth it in words towards the visitors.  As Jungle is an encyclopedia of behavioral sciences of life of the components of it’s habitat and encompassed rules and regulations, Mr. Aniruddha Chaoji has explained it through the lifestyles of the living beings related to inter and interspecies with biotic and abiotic factors related to it. Ms. Amita has built up an infrastructural bond to build up a bridge in between the unknown personalities to interact potentially. Some foreign words in English, for the local guides, of the regular use along with the sentences she assembled in such a way that it was very easy for them to remember and at what exact moment that to be used. She has keenly trained the trainees, regarding the way of expressing thoughts and their feelings to the visitors. At the end, MD of the Jharana Jungle Lodge, Mr. Amrut Khodke has narrates the important things that the trainees have got an opportunity to learn it. He realized the trainees how they are presenting their assets and culture to the visitors as a responsible person adhered to the promoting and protecting the flora and fauna of their Jungle Vicinity. With deep heart feelings, he tanked Mr. Aniruddha and Amita to get intermingled with the social responsibility of the organization.

----Parag Deshpande 


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