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After the break of three months of the Rainy season

After the break of three months of the rainy season, along with the new branches and teenage saplings, the flora and fauna of TATR were eager to welcome the Guests of the new session the Jungle Safari Era. Just a few feet away from the Navegaon Gate, Jharna Jungle Lodge had a put forth step to welcome all the guests from all the resorts. All the officials were greeted by offering bouquets and warm wishes.

As per the local trends, prior to the gate opening timing, a religious ritual Pooja was performed by the Forest Guards and Higher Authorities. In a cheerful mood, sweets were distributed to all the present heads. 

All the members were surprised to have such an unexpectedly warm welcome on the first day of the Jungle Safari Season. Everybody was very curious to know the changes in habitat and the seasonal behavior of all the fauna under the banner of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

A fresh deep breath gave me the fragrance of the forgotten jungle breathe and within a fraction of a second, all jungle got compiled in front of my pupils, just reminding me of the territories of Tigers and their females along with their cubs. The twits of some birds and remembered me their presence.

The giggling flow of the seasonal streams had added a rhythm to the thought flow of my mind and was decorated by the lush green jungle color. The glittering parls of past rain droplets were a decorative motif of the Giant Wood Spider Web, adorned by the yellow back painted with a multi-colored belly was a Web Queen.

It was a very astonishing moment when all of us were receiving the welcome smiles while departing to the Jungle Safari.


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