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First Hand Safari experience

Going for a safari is always an amazing feeling. Getting away from the buzzing city and monotonous life, the raw and the serene atmosphere of the jungle is always mesmerizing and magical. After writing several blogs for Jharana Jungle Lodge and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, I always had the excitement to watch the jungle safari. However, my excitement was channelized at the right side when my family decided to visit a jungle. The other motivation for the safari was my husband’s passion for photography. Although there are contradicting views about the right time to visit the jungle, we thought that any time is the right time when your aim is to break free and unwind in a calm place. 

After reaching the destination, the second day was our safari day and my first experience with open gypsies. I always wondered why don’t they keep a caged minibus or a car for moving in the jungle. However, these gypsies are robust and comfortable for the silent jungle atmosphere. As we started our journey, I started enjoying the gypsy ride and soon we reached the base of the main jungle, where we were joined by the local guide. Along the drive, we got to see the species like monkeys and deer among others. 

As we started marching ahead inside the jungle, we were getting glimpses of barking deer and Nilgai among others. Our guide and driver were waiting at certain points to hear any animal shrieks and sounds and even we were told to listen in silence. The guide even showed us the marks of the tiger’s footsteps and also shared the information about the boundaries and the recent sightings. While we were traveling in the jungle, the noise of dried grass and leaves below our car was making us enthusiastic. Of course, the camera was on constantly which was capturing the beauty of the jungle. Although we weren’t able to watch the big cat, we were happy about the overall experience. The tranquil atmosphere of the jungle was mesmerizing making us visit the jungles of India. However, we need to remind ourselves that we are their territory, and maintaining the decorum is crucial. Jharana Jungle Lodge is eager to welcome you to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve to experience it yourself. 


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