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Are we really looking forward to World Wildlife Day?

A jungle safari or a day in a forest makes us happy and cheerful. Apart from experiencing the adventure, we like the quiet atmosphere away from the buzzing city. The roar and voices of wild animals, the greenery, calmness, the thrills and shrills of the forests, everything mesmerizes us. Recently, we celebrated World Wildlife Day, where we took an oath to maintain them. Actually, we need to ponder over that making a pledge for one day is enough or we need to be consistent in our activities of conserving the ecology, wildlife, and greenery. 

If we need our adventure, thrills, shrills, or safaris, we need to make constant efforts in maintaining our ecosystem. Instead of thinking big, our small efforts towards conserving can be worth it. While issues like animal trade, poaching are still pertinent, we can make a promise to love them and accept them as part of the ecosystem. Instead of harming them, we can respect their habitats where they can be safe. Jungle safaris are your answer to understanding them more by behaving responsibly. Shooting with a camera can certainly be an option to bring smiles on your face later at home. 

As urbanization is important for progress, so is the conservation of forests. We cannot ignore the fact that jungles are one of the main elements of our resources. The flora, water sources, animals, and other creatures complete the jungle. Apart from the resources, they form an integral part of heritage and ecosystem. We cannot imagine the world without our amazing forests and their wildlife. Hence, we should make the point to visit these jungles and learn about them while adorning their beauty. Jharana Jungle Lodge in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve welcomes you to spend your time inland of tigers and experience the jewel yourself.


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