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Rare Black Panther sighting at Tadoba

When you book a jungle safari, what do you expect? Somewhere a tiger walking in the woods and pleasuring you with his regal walk or a tigress playing with her kids near a water reserve? Even a cheetah or leopard showcasing their antics is always thrilling. Most of the time the atmosphere of the jungle creates shrills for people like us living in the city. However, if you found a rare animal in the woods like a white tiger, white lion, black cheetah, or even a black leopard, it would be a treat for tourists. 

Recently, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve was blessed with the visit of a rare black leopard. The melanistic leopard was seen crossing the path of wildlife photographer Anurag Gawande. This was the second time the leopard was seen walking in the Tadoba woods. Last year also, he was spotted in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. A melanistic leopard is a rare species that has a huge amount of melanin in its skin making him almost black. It is believed that around 11% of leopards have this unique skin coloring.  Indian leopards especially black ones are vulnerable breeds that are hampering due to poaching and less green spaces. 

Although these rare occurrences are exciting, they should be conserved for saving their species. Apart from creating a wave of enthusiasm, these rare animals make a treat for wildlife photographers, nature lovers, and animal researchers. These breeds also contribute to balancing the ecology and maintaining the heritage. The whole jungle comes to life when a special animal is spotted. Although poaching and concretization have made their presence felt in cities, these rare sightings in their natural habitat bring a breath of fresh air. Even, the authorities are playing their major role in their conservation so that this unique heritage of preservation can be passed on to future generations. Jharana Jungle Lodge feels happy to welcome the new visitor and also the tourists.


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