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Monitoring Tiger Moves

Safari is always exciting and watching animals in their own habitat is an amazing experience. However, have you ever thought that these animals are most of the time not safe in their own environment? Reasons can vary, like encroachment, animal trade, animal fights, new births, no access to food, illnesses, and entry of new animals among others. Although jungle authorities take care of their well-being, many times there is no guarantee of their security. Making them safe in their own territory has been vital and here comes the purpose of radio collars. Most of the jungles in India have secured the animals in Radio collars. 

Radio collars are the first of their kind, where you can track their movements and dispersals. Earlier, the movements of the animals were tracked through their urine, excreta, and footprints. However, mere trafficking is not enough. Many conservationists believe that apart from tracking their movements, tracking their behaviors is also important. Illnesses and their immediate solution can be done through radio collars which are connected through GPS, Very High Frequency (VHF) and satellite links most of the time. Even, their easy identification and new births in the forest can be tracked through these collars. 

Encroachment and animal trade is one of the serious concerns and 24/7 monitoring can help in keeping track of the tigers. Their fighting over territories, entry of a new animal, or an animal going to other corridors of the jungle can be known. Basically, radio collars can help in controlling the diminishing population of tigers in some way. Although jungles are doing their best, these radio collars can make life easier for animals thus enhancing their stay in their natural habitat. Even, the tourists can be happy to see the jungle with animals in the appropriate care and comfort. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has been experimenting with radio collars on animals for many days and the results are good, thinks Jharana Jungle Lodge, which is one of the best resorts in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.


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