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Water safari for you!

How many of you like water bodies like oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, or even small ponds? Water bodies are always an attraction to any place and they enhance the beauty of the surroundings. However, if the surroundings are beautified with water sports and boating, it can certainly be an added asset. A water reservoir in the jungle is an advantage as it not only boosts the nature of the place but also quenches the thirst of animals. However, if a water safari is introduced, it can be a treat to tourists. Yes, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is planning to come up with a new addition wherein you can enjoy a boat safari. 

The boat safari will be in kayaks and rubber rafts in Gondmohadi lake. The authorities are also planning to include water rafting activity in the lake for the tourist. Guides of the sport will have to undergo rescue training from the National Institute of Water Sports. The 10Km nature trek from Madnapur to Gondmohadi is also on the papers. The idea is to promote ecotourism so that people staying in nearby villages will be benefitted through employment generation and also the development of these villages from the tourist receipts. In the wake of pandemics, these eco-tourism activities are going to boost tourism bringing in more funds. 

Water bodies not only highlight the surroundings but also provide a respite in the greenery and woods of the jungle. The animals also depend on these water reservoirs for their daily dose of requirement. In summers, animals swimming or playing in water bodies is a beautiful sight to watch. While on a boat safari, you may be lucky enough to watch a tiger drinking water or a tigress relaxing with her cubs. Jharana Jungle Lodge completely supports these promotional activities of Tadoba and feels that their tourists should certainly opt for them.


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