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Protect your National Animal

How would you feel when you go to the jungle and find only greens without animals? A wildlife photographer who looks for that perfect shot of a tiger comes empty-handed. Imagine, what effect it will bring on the ecosystem where all the living beings co-exist. Just the thought of this scenario is scary. The threat of extinction due to poaching and hunting in their own habitat has been a matter of concern. Hence, maintain the wild animals in their natural habitat is more important. 

Being a national animal, the Bengal tiger has its own charm. Tiger is the primary member of the feline family and has several breeds. Out of the nine subspecies of the tiger family, only six are remaining. The tiger species include Siberian tigers, Malayan tigers, Sumatran tigers, Indo-Chinese tigers, and Bengal tigers among others. The Royal Bengal tigers are one of the popular species with more in number. 

Although extinction is still a danger, Government bodies and NGOs are making efforts to preserve them as a ray of hope for us. In 1973, the Government of India came up with ‘Project Tiger’. The program ensures a considerable Bengal tiger population, protects them and preserves them through the Tiger Conservation body. They work towards combating poachers and fund the relocation of villages to protect the natural habitat. 

Although tigers are highlighted more in the jungle, the Government of India came up with tiger reserves in several parts of India. These concentrated reserves conserve animals in their own habitat surrounded by greenery and other wildlife ecology. Human beings can view these animals through an organized safari where they have to drive in gypsies while watching the animals in their natural environment. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is known for the segregation of tigers and other wild animals. Tourists can enjoy their safari while staying in the calm and serene woods. Jharana Jungle Lodge is situated near the Navegoan Gate of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.


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