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New guests at Tadoba!

Yes, Tadoba is still relishing in the news of its guests and they are the rare exotic species of Indian star tortoise. Recently, seventy of these species were saved from trading in Mumbai, Thane region, and released at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Although half of them have already the park, the rest of them will be released soon depending on the weather needed for them. It comes as a breather as these rare species are used for exotic pet trade which why they are endangered. Now the animal lovers and nature enthusiasts will be excited to view the Indian Star Tortoise. 

Earlier, when these tortoises were caught, they were dropped at Karnataka State as they were no weather or settlement suitable for them in Maharashtra. However, now Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve found out that there is a natural habitat for these tortoises in the park. Also, Indian Star Tortoise have been found earlier in Tadoba which confirms their release in the park. Living in their natural habitat with a good climate and food will make their stay comfortable. 

Apart from its crucial work of wildlife and greenery conservation, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve organizes jungle safaris to view the rich heritage of the Indian jungles. These species will be an added attraction for the tourists of Tadoba. This way, these species will get their own spaces and Tadoba will also be encouraging the entry of new animals. Conservation of animals is a task and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is known to be the warm host for these animals. Although we speak about animal love and their conservation, practically the following is done by few. We need to understand that humans and animals need to co-exist. Hence, creating more such spaces and conserving them has become the need of the hour. Apart from Tadoba National Park, Jharana Jungle Lodge also looks forward to your arrival at Tadoba.


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