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What do you need for ‘budget’ safari in Tadoba?

Jungle safaris are always a feast to people and if you are a wildlife photographer, nature lover, or adventure enthusiast, then jungle safari deserves a special place in your heart. Jungle safaris are not only fun but thrilling, enthusiastic, nerve-wracking, and surprising. Words are certainly small to describe its worth. India is blessed with a rich heritage of forests and greens in various states and Maharashtra is not behind. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is termed as the crown of Maharashtra for the conservation of the national animals. 

While planning a safari, you might be thinking that it might be like burning a huge hole in your pocket. However, jungle safari can be budget-friendly and cheaper. While wandering in the jungle, you will need a vehicle as animals are in the open and you are entering their territory. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has the option of Jeep safaris. Hiring an entire jeep can be an expensive choice, you can book for Jeep which is shared by people. Your single seat will be charged less while you just have to pay the driver and charges that are compulsory. You can book the safari in advance at the DFO office, Chandrapur district, or book on the spot at Navegoan Gate, which is near Jharana Jungle Lodge

Traveling in a group can be worth it as the costs of the safari will be divided. Apart from the safari, you can save on your stay and food. For your lodging, you can check out cheaper yet hygienic choices for safety. Focus on the basics instead of unnecessary paraphernalia in the hotel. Avoid visits to other picnic spots around so that you can save money. Although you can check the nearby to avoid the travel. Avoid unnecessary shopping and look for something that you really need. Ultimately, we need to understand that safaris are amazing but keeping a few things in mind, you can plan a jungle safari in your budget. Jharana Jungle Lodge awaits your arrival at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.


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