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‘Enjoy’ while you work!

We have always heard the proverb ‘Work, while you work and play, while you play’ and yes, we all lead the same rule in life. Most of the time we feel that life should be a big party where we can enjoy ourselves all the time. However, we seldom follow it. Even, if we think of a vacation, we have to first think of leave from office and then look for suitable dates. Many times, we have to adjust our work ‘leaves’ with our colleagues so that work doesn’t get hamper. Instead of getting warnings from the manager, we drop the idea of a holiday or plan it later. However, how would you feel when you get a lethal combination of work and leisure at the same time? Yes, you heard it right and it is possible. 

Imagine a scenario, where you are holidaying in the mountains of Shimla and working simultaneously? Or working on your laptop while looking at the sunset in the backwaters of Kerala? Sounds interesting right? Thanks to digital workspaces, most of the offices allow working remotely as well. Also, the COVID 19 pandemic has permitted working remotely as well. 

Most of us are seating at home, desperately looking for a vacation after the lockdown and a change in the routine. The best part is most of the states have opened tourism. You have to simply take your laptop while surprising your family members with quality time and a quick holiday. Most of the resorts, lodges, and hotels are also taking care of the safety and sanitization thus relaxing the tourists for their enjoyment. 

Jharana Jungle Lodge at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur is looking forward to your warm stay in its cottages. While you enjoy the safari, birding, nature walk, activities, and many other visits, office work cannot be missed thus enjoying the best of both worlds.


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