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Talking about Tigers

We have been learning a lot about tigers through books, articles, movies, and even documentaries among others. However, have you ever thought that there are several things about our own tiger which we have talked about? Yes, we know about their several breeds, species, characteristic features, and conduct patterns among others. However, there are few basic curiosities about the tigers that excite people. Tigers have been gaining popularity due to their distinguished behavior and the conservation of them has been a priority by the Government of India. Wildlife sanctuaries and parks have been motivating many tourists and animal lovers for a jungle safari. 

White tigers create excitement among the people. The special mention of a white tiger in the parks has been creating waves among tourists. White tigers don’t have any illnesses or disorders. It’s the matter of recessive genes which give them the coat color. We have their opposite brothers. Like white, there are also black tigers. They are called black melanistic tigers whose black stripes are wider and thicker making them famous for ‘black is beautiful’. 

Tigers rarely prey on human beings. They are carnivorous and prefer species of deer, wild boar, buffalo, and monkeys among others. Tiger safaris are fun and exciting; however, you are not allowed to pet a tiger or create any nuisance in their natural habitat. Your attitude should be of the observer. Tigers prefer solitude and don’t like to mingle together in herds like lions. However, they are territorial and continuously patrol their region from any new entry. A roar of a tiger creates a steer; however, they do it when necessary and that too in various sounds depending on the situation. Although there are various species and colors among tigers, the excitement of watching any tiger in the wild is an experience to remember.


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