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Wildlife photography revealed for you!

Photography is an art and everyone cannot master it easily. The perfect backdrop, light settings, camera angles, and finally the capture for an excellent photograph. A single photograph requires a lot of patience and dedication. What would happen if your muse does not reciprocate your poses and angles of the camera? Yes, you heard it. If your muse is not a human being and a wild animal, then you need to be extra conscious while clicking your pics. Being a wildlife photographer is actually a task and making it successful is truly an achievement. We, at Jharana Jungle Lodge, share a few basic tips with wildlife photographers for their photo stint at Tadoba

  • First, we need to understand that we are going to click flora and fauna who will not give desired poses. Hence, we need to pick the right time through their movements, behavior, and backdrop for shooting their pictures. 

  • Knowing your subject is the foremost responsibility of a photographer. Shooting a royal tiger in the water body in the sunny summer can be a great opportunity as the tiger will give you a stare. A deer walking carefree on the roads can be your best object. 

  • Don’t try to take unnecessary shots on your camera and fill the memory card. Look for the meaningful and worthy clicks of the jungle. 

  • The tourist guides are one of the best sources to help you with the jungles, animal moods, and the frequent areas where you can trail them. 

  • Avoid going with too many people in one vehicle; in case you cannot restrict yourself due to budget, hold your camera tight and also a right driver who can position the car rightly according to the animal movements. 

  • Ultimately, we need to understand that patience is key while shooting animals and we need to wait for the right shot. 

  • Using an expensive and technically superior camera is a choice; however not compulsory. You can shoot pictures with ease in today’s digital revolution. However, clicking the bigger animals and birds certainly gives the larger picture. 

The idea of shooting in the jungle is certainly exciting; however, getting that precious shot will make your jungle trek a great success.


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