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The Dare ‘CATS’ of the Jungle

The feline family of animals is huge and Tigers are one of them. Tigers have their own class even though lions are considered king of the jungle. Their huge physique, yellow striped body and their royal walk captures everyone around. However, tigers are of one of the most calm and solitary animals. Although they are active during daytime, they are also known to be nocturnal. They are good swimmers and love to stay in water for longer hours. Tigers have several species and hybrids have been created over the period of time.

Tiger is one of the largest felines among the cat family. Tiger cubs are born blind and they get their eyesight on sixth or 14th day after birth. The average age expectancy of a tiger is around 25 years of age. Tigers also mate with other cats and hence hybrids are formed. They are surely one of the fastest runners as they run for around 60 kms per hour to hunt their prey. The group of tigers are called ambush and they prefer to hunt in group. Tiger does not have special or preferred diet. They eat anything that comes on their way. They feast on dear, wild boar, bear and crocodile among others. Tigers are actors by profession wherein they imitate other animals calls which becomes easy for hunting.

As you all know, Tiger is our national animal and deserves a special mention. The efforts for their conservation as been taken by the authorities. India has several tiger reserves that have taken conservation work serious. The need for conservation comes from the fact that their number was increasing and also tiger is one of the apex predators that protects the eco-system by controlling the minor animal species. It also protects the vegetation and other natural environment like streams, lakes, trees and other ecology of the jungle. The jungles are one of India’s best heritage and the tigers are the conservers and carriers of this heritage. 


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