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In the vicinity of Tadoba

Are you planning to visit any heritage monument or any popular tourist destination? You would certainly be excited. However, these famous tourist spots also have certain hidden gems in the vicinity which are not explored completely. Most of the time people visit these hotspots and avoid the nearby places due to time constraints. However, these places have their own importance and are able to maintain their identity. These places can be searched easily through local guides or google maps nowadays. However, you need to have an eye of wanderlust to search these places. 

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the crucial national parks of India for its jungle safari in Tadoba and hence deserves a lot of tourist attention. However, there are various tourist spots near Tadoba National Park that certainly need a mention. Tadoba Lake is one the major water bodies around Tadoba. It is a hotspot for wild animals as they come for a swim on a hot summer morning. Kanha National Park is one of the popular national parks near Tadoba and easily accessible. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is known for its tiger sightings. Pench National Park is a nearby jungle known for its animals and landscapes. It is a home to around 50 tigers. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary was considered as a sanctuary on 12th December 2013 with great connectivity to major national parks and one of the hidden jewels of Central India. Navegaon National Park is also located nearby. 

Erai Dam near Tadoba is 1620 m long and is located on the Erai river. Here also, there are good chances of tiger sightings. The Amte’s Animal Ark at Chandrapur is one of the best animal conservation projects started by Dr Prakash Amte in 1973. The access to the park is free, while being  favourite among kids. 

Apart from these hotspots, Tadoba has other attractions like Viaydurg fort, Sevagram, Mahakali Mandir and Raigad fort. You can also look for a nearby village visit to get the rustic feel of village life. Planning in advance and researching about the destinations can be beneficial. There are several jungle resorts in Tadoba like Jharana Jungle Lodge who can help you with places in the vicinity while ensuring an amazing stay for you. 


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