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Jungle mania: When you think of a trek to the jungle or walk in the woods, you obviously think of a safari booking online where you are confronted with wild cats and other animals. However, how would it be, if you get to study the jungle in terms of its history, habits, climates, exotic species, life and instincts of animals, flora, water bodies and other activities? Yes, the jungle is like a treasure for you which is waiting to be explored. India is blessed with beautiful forests that have become the identity and heritage of our country that certainly make us proud. Get yourself a Tadoba National Park tour package to understand more about Tadoba.

Be an observer: Once you decide your trip, apart from being a tourist, wildlife photographer, nature lover, adventurist or a plain animal lover, try to go as an observer. Be a hungry, passionate observer and listener who wants to unveil the secrets of the jungle. If you have booked a resort, ask them for a guide or simply check for a guide with the jungle authorities who can give information about the jungle. Nowadays, there are naturalists who guide you about the forest.

Avoid the damage: Observe the habits and natural instincts of several animals. If you are watching a hunting fight, enjoy the thrill but don’t send out noisy shrills to disturb them. While on a safari, follow the rules. Maintain silence and avoid throwing any kind of eatables or plastics in the jungle thus harming biodiversity. Avoid plucking any tree, plant or shrub from the jungle. Don’t instigate any animals through your behaviour. You need to follow the rules as a jungle admirer.

Blend with the geology: While going for a jungle visit, your attitude should be to embrace and not destroy. You should respect the privacy of the animals as you are entering their territory. You should gel with the jungle life when you are there. As a wildlife photographer, passionate trekker or an adventure lover, you should understand that nature and the environment is superior for the jungle and avoid breaking the rules for your hobbies and interests. You can enrol for several activities in Tadoba like rope climbing, archery, nature walk among others to augment your stay in the jungle.

‘Jungle’ is their home: Ultimately, we need to remember that the jungle is their home and its habitats are king of their space. 



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