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Capture the ‘wildlife’ through photography | Jharana Jungle Lodge - Resort in Tadoba

Clicking the greens: Photography is one of the best skills and hobbies to pursue! The inner passion to shoot the universe through your lenses and presenting it beautifully before the world is one of the best experiences. Although clicking photographs is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is certainly a talent few possess. Snapping human emotions or an object photography that creates impact is definitely commendable. However, if your model or muse is a wild animal, then it is a challenge that needs separate vision apart from technical lenses. Shooting a wild animal walking through a jungle safari in Tadoba can be a life changing experience for you.

Breaking the monotony: After a gloomy lockdown, world has opened its arms again for you. You can take few days from your busy schedule and grab your chance for next Tadoba Safari booking. There are several jungle resorts in Tadoba for your stay. You can even plan activities in Tadoba to engage yourself.

Capturing the grace: While going in for Tadoba National Park safari, you can hold your breaths to witness a tiger, leopard, panther or jaguar among others. A walking tiger, tigress seating with her cubs or tigers swimming, are scenes to behold after booking in Tadoba. You can indulge in photography sessions with your photographer friends to snap the beauty of Tadoba.

Birding in Tadoba: Apart from wild animals and scenic surroundings, bird watching and clicking them is an exciting opportunity. Tadoba National Park is also famous for bird watching for nature lovers and photographers.

Gates of Tadoba National Park: Tadoba National Park is located on the close periphery of several villages that got it gates. These villages provide an interesting insight into the rustic vibe of village for your lens.

Relaxing stay: Whether you come in groups or single, Tadoba National Park has awesome options for staying. Jharana Jungle Lodge is located in the interiors of Tadoba National Park which not only provide the calmness of the jungle but also a chance to unwind in the greens of the forest.

Chance to Rejoice: Jharana Jungle Lodge has come out with the exciting contest for wildlife photographers where they can show their amazing skills and win a restaurant coupon from the resort. So, cut the wait and do Tadoba Jungle Safari booking online!



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