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Safety first at Jharana Jungle Lodge

COVID 19 pandemic has been waves in the year 2020 while stressing on the importance of hygiene and sanitization. People have become extra conscious about cleanliness and care. Although unlock has started, people have fears of travelling due to the current situation. However, how would you feel if you get a chance to unwind after lockdown and that too at a serene location with utmost safety standards? 

Welcome to Jharana Jungle Lodge: Yes, you heard it. Jharana Jungle Lodge at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has been taking crucial care about your safety and comfort at its premises. We ensure that our guests enjoy their stay completely without any fear. We are taking extreme precautions by following the standards and mandatory guidelines of the Government of India. 

Pre Booking and payment: Jharana Jungle Lodge follows the system of prior booking in Tadoba and advances payment to avoid any direct contact with the customers at the lodge. In case of sudden walk-ins, we insist on digital payments rather than cash. 

Obligatory practices: After guests enter the resort, we do their body screening through devices after which the room is allocated to them. We also insist on hand wash, face mask and gloves from the customers. If they don't bring, we provide them from the resort at sufficient charges. The luggage of guests are sanitized on arrival. We have focussed on minute details for sanitizing the lodge. 

Health conscious team: Jharana Jungle Lodge takes complete care of its staff by scanning them regularly while insisting them to follow complete personal hygiene, continuous sanitization, using masks and gloves in the lodge. Our staff is trained to handle any situation given the current scenario. 

Accomodation: Our cottages are constantly sanitized by high quality products. Linen and curtains are washed and changed before the entry and exit of each guest. 

Public areas: All our public areas are sanitized and space out to follow the social distancing. All the activities at Tadoba that Jharana Jungle Lodge arranges has been disinfected with high quality products. 

Meal care: Jharana Jungle Lodge's restaurant is disinfected and sanitized to avoid any kind of issues. Our kitchen is cleaned thoroughly before making meals. Food items are washed accurately before its use. Kitchen staff washes their hands and sanitizes all the kitchen equipment and surfaces after use. They wear masks and face covers while working. We also insist on spacing out and increase in dining timings for the purpose of physical distancing. 

One of the safe jungle resorts in Tadoba: Jharana Jungle Lodge is one of the premium resorts in Tadoba who understands the concerns of the tourists and implements it excessively in its resort.  


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