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Tigers at Tadoba are waiting for you!

Here’s your chance to feel elated as the recent news of Tadoba getting fully operational has been creating waves in the country. Amidst the negativity of the pandemic, the opening of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has been a respite for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, tourists and wildlife photographers among others. Tadoba safari can take away your lockdown monotony and help you to unwind amidst the woods. You have to pack your bags and do Tadoba safari booking online to save your time and energy.

Safari booking in Tadoba has always been a pleasurable experience for many people. Jungle safari in Tadoba has always created excitement for the travellers. Although the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has been half operational from June, the authorities have now opened the areas where there have been major tiger sightings. Currently, the October climate in Tadoba is pleasant and there is a chance for more tiger sightings in the mid- October. You can take a break from your ‘work from home’, online classes of your children
and make your family learn about the jungle topography.

Tadoba safari is fun for many people as watching the royal animal lurking from the bushes creates many astonishments and excitements. The jeeps not only take you to watch the safari but also to watch the rich greenery and landscape of the jungle. Tadoba National Park jungle safari also gives you access to variety of other animals, insects and birds. Bird watching is one awesome experience here.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve boasts of hilly areas, dense forest areas, smooth meadows, deep valleys and a great atmosphere to enclosing several tigers. There are enough lakes in Tadoba which takes care of the water resources here. The rich history of its name through the God Tadoba or Taru as worshipped by local tribal people and Andhari is derived from the river that flows nearby.

To make your stay enjoyable, there are several resorts in Tadoba that are on par in quality and accommodation. Hotels in Tadoba can be booked in advance online. Apart from the safari, activities in Tadoba are one of the major crowd pullers here. Tourists look for Tadoba National Park Resort activities. Jharana Jungle Lodge is one of the best jungle resorts in Tadoba. Considering the current scenario, the resort is taking full responsibility of sanitization, social distancing and cleanliness. 

Without any second though, you can do your Tadoba Jungle Safari booking online and let your family members make the most out it to remember for future.


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