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Act responsibly

COVID 19 had certainly affected the tourism; however now is the time for revival. Most of the places have become operational and authorities on the tourist destination have been taking care to ensure safety and precautions on their sites. Animal safaris or wildlife parks are one of the most sought-after location for many animal lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists among others. Photographers don’t miss the chance to shoot the beautiful positions of animals in the jungle. 

Although, you love the sanctuaries, it is also your responsibility to support our flora, fauna, natural environment, serene and tranquil atmosphere of these wildlife parks. Forests need your rational approach and wise thinking while looking for their conservation. You can support the ‘jungle movement’ by seating at home and doing your bit. 

The first way is to go frugal. COVID 19 has taught us to economical and avoid wastage of any resource. Say no to use of plastic which can be implemented in the jungles so that they remain clean. Teach your children about the importance of jungles, animals and its contribution towards the country. As a responsible citizen, you can also learn more about planets, environmental matters flora and fauna while implementing it in your daily life. 

Attend lectures or discussions regarding Environment conservation showing your support to the green globe. Make yourself heard through online platforms, social media and email chains among others Encourage your children to plant tree by starting a group with their friends who would focus on greenery. Stop your children for whistling, hand gestures or weird noises at the animals in the park. Encourage them to create a bond of friendship and love.

Creating a fundraiser or charity for issues like wildlife conservation and animal welfare to maintain the parks and extinct animal among others. As they say charity starts from you, you can also donate for an animal or a forest cause by showing your support strongly. As far as possible, avoid animal rides on your trips that are illegal and dangerous for animals. 

As an animal lover, think of adopting a pet instead of buying. These small points can take you on a long path of awareness, love and responsibility towards fellow creatures of earth. Visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve to understand more about wildlife and stay at Jharana Jungle Lodge as it is fully operational


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