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Know your national animal

Whether you view in movies, cartoons or in safaris, the animals that create a majestic aura around them are lions and tiger. Their walking style exudes pure grace making people go week in their knees. Although lion has got its due credit being crowned as the king of the jungle, tiger is not behind. Termed as the national animal of India, Tiger has been appreciated and talked about by the wildlife enthusiasts, animal activists, nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Even the Government of India has started the conservation of tigers few years back. Most of the national parks in India have their popular safaris and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of them.

Most of us like to watch the tiger live and feel his charm around. However, there are few interesting facts about our national animal that drops our jaws wide. As tiger is the largest cat, his punch can literally kill you. While being born blind, the survival rate of all the tiger cubs is low. Tigers like to hunt in group which is also called as ambush or streak. They have inclination towards other big cats and hence also can mate with lions. Tigers have diverse diets which consists of deer, rhino, crocodile or even a bird. Tigers like solitude most of the times and they prefer engaging in hunting at nights to patrol their territories. Their saliva is antiseptic thus immediate licking on the infection can act a first aid.

Although they prefer to walk in ambush, they are very humble towards their group. Although not the fastest runner, their strong legs can make them go around 60 kms per hour when needed. While we shared the fact of the beautiful animal, a visit to a park can certainly be worth. ‘Unlock’ has open several places and Jharana Jungle Lodge awaits your stay at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. 


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