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‘Jungle Book’ in the forest

Childhood days are always so pure and innocent where we imagine fantasy themes and want them in real life. Many of us would have dreamt to become ‘Mowgli’ for few days and stay in jungle. The exciting forest, Mowgli’s friends and his love for them was so divine. He would love to play with them whole day while they would save him from any adventure. Although, it is not possible to imitate Mowgli in real life, we can certainly live his life for few hours by visiting our jungles. The forests in India have preserved and maintained well by the authorities where isolation of certain species ensure their well-being in an appropriate habitat. 

Either in the form of zoos, park or sanctuaries, these animal surroundings are open for tourists viewings. Photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, young and old look forward to safaris. Located in Chandrapur, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is one such place where you find the animals of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ flourishing. TATR is famous for the book’s most famous villain ‘Sher Khan’-the Tiger. Royal Bengal Tigers are the identity of TATR. Last year a ‘Bagheera’ or black panther was spotted by an eager tourist who mentioned his tale on social media. Baloo- the Bear or sloth bears are found in TATR. Bandar Log-the monkey tribe or Langoors are present in TATR. Kaa is a powerful snake or Indian python that represents the reptiles of the TATR. 

Apart from all the animals you met in ‘Jungle Book’ book, TATR has been home to several other species include leopard, cheetal, chinkara, langoors, nilgai, barking dear, blue bull, spotted dear, flying squirrel, gaurs, jungle cats, Indian civet, sambar, chatursingha with several reptiles, birds and insects among others. The flora and the greenery around makes for the scenic locations of jungle. Jharana Jungle Lodge is one of the famous resorts at TATR that exudes excellent services amidst the beautiful nature. Connect with us and get the wholesome experience of safari and travelling.


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