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In The Lapse Of Nature

Many times, it happens that we are bugged of our mundane city life and want a change. With pollution levels rising, the crowded city areas are getting gloomier. Although city lives have all sorts of luxury, it lacks that rustic village feel that connects you to nature. The hectic life of city is great but experiencing the village aura takes you to a mesmerizing journey altogether. Many people have their hometowns where they visit for a break. Taking a holiday and going to an exotic destination is also an option. 

However, combining adventure, thrill, nature and your holiday can be an enthralling experience. There are several places in India where you can visit for a merging picnic; however, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is a surreal location as it offers several options for unwinding. TATR is a one stop for nature lovers. If you are looking for a change, TATR takes you to closer to nature. The flora, fauna, water bodies and the exotic species of birds makes for a deadly combination for TATR. Apart from safari, the nature walk, bird watching, wall climbing and village visit take you closer to nature that you will certainly miss in the city. The numerous gates of TATR welcome you to enjoy the nature.

Another way to enjoy TATR is by exploring the ‘unexplored’. Instead of following the online feedbacks, reviews and visiting the place, you can cut the monotony. Visit the places that are isolated and situated near the nature, wherein you can relax with your loved ones and enjoy the landscape to its fullest. TATR gives you the opportunity to stay in the surrounding of nature and enjoy the countryside. 

Jharana Jungle Lodge is a resort situated near the Navegaon gate which has an fascinating lodging arrangement near the nature. So, cut the wait and forget yourself from the outer world to enjoy your nature trip.


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