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Naturally Inclined

Jungle safaris are always fascinating and thrilling. Watching live animals in Jungle is loved by everyone. However, jungles have much more stored apart from safaris. Have you ever thought that jungles are our culture and carry centuries of linage of our country? They are our identity that make us proud. Chandrapur jungle, also known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is one of the popular forests for tiger and safari.

However, apart from safari, this jungle is known for bird watching, nature walk, jungle tales, jungle activities, water sources and distinguished flora among others. While looking for safari, you need to understand what jungle has stored for you. While strolling around in the jungle, a person who can guide and provide information about it is the naturalist. He helps you in understanding the secrets of the jungles, its stories, natural phenomena, animal life, bird species, reservoirs and flora among others. 

Whenever a foreign tourist visits these jungles, they act as a host and show the entire jungle by accompanying them on their expeditions. There are several accommodations at Tadoba National Park that help you in augmenting the glory of the place. These Tadoba National Park Resorts assist you in jungle booking as well.

Most of the Tadoba resorts have their own naturalists who help you in making your trip memorable. These resorts in Tadoba have their own way of highlighting the jungle through documentaries and videos thereby entertaining their guests. If you are looking for safari in Tadoba, check for one of the best near by lodges. Located at Navegaon gate, Jharana Jungle Lodge is a well-equipped resort to make your stay fulfilling. 

The best thing is now Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has open and already operational for its tourists. You can book your stay at Jharana Jungle Lodge and enjoy the jungle trail with your loved ones.


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