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Concentration for preservation of parks

‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling became one of the first connections of forests for many children. The abandoned boy Mowgli and his animal friends became kid’s favourite while triggering their excitement and imagination about the jungle. Although, there were zoos, sanctuaries and safaris came as a respite as kids and adults alike could view the animals in their habitat. The Jungle safaris provides adventures and thrills to the animal lovers. While India has rich heritage of jungle life, the Government is also planning to balance the ecology through these scenic forests of India.

Concentration of animals like Tiger at Tadoba National Park, Lions at Gir National Park, The Royal Bengal Tiger at Sunderban National Park and Elephants at Periyar National Park among others has segregated appropriately for your convenience. These animals can peculiarly be found in their dedicated animal reserves apart from other animals. This way the animals get their own environment where they fill safe. This saturation also helps Government to identify the specific wildlife at the reserved jungles. Authorities also take efforts to save the animals, maintain the jungle and its peacefulness through various initiatives.

Tadoba Jungle Safari give us a taste of jungle life and it is encouraging jungle treks and nature study. Wildlife photographers, animal enthusiasts, bird watchers and adventurists among others come to jungles and indulge in their passion. Government has been proactive in promoting tourism and hence Tadoba resorts around the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve have been operating for its patrons.

If you want to indulge yourself, then connect with Jharana Jungle Lodge at Tadoba situated near Navegoan Gate Tadoba and look for Tadoba Safari booking. Apart from the experience of safari, you can also enjoy other activities like nature walk, bird watching, wall climbing, rope walk, village visit and star gazing among others. Safaris can give you immense pleasure hence book your trip soon. 


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