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Set for safari

Wild life photographers and adventure enthusiasts can be excited and thrilled as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) has been starting its safari soon. The gloomy days of pandemic are still hovering over, lockdown has been relaxed at many places and in the meanwhile the news of TATR safari starting, has been creating a wave of merriment among many people. The lockdown had made people sit at home and pandemic had ruined your plans for a holiday. However, a safari can certainly be your chance to unwind with your loved ones. TATR is a magical place for you!

TATR had started a live safari for its patrons which was a sigh of relief during the lockdown. However, with the actual safari starting, it can be a major boost to the tourism industry of Maharashtra. Apart from the tiger, the safari boasts of other animals like Wild Boar, Leopard, Sloth Beer, Sambar, Gaur, and four horn antelope among others. You can view this treasure of wildlife from a safe distance in a jeep. Apart from animals, several insects and birds also enhance the beauty of TATR. We just need to be ready with our lenses to shoot them in their territory.

Apart from the animals, TATR is also known for its rich biodiversity. The beautiful water bodies, trees and peaceful nature beckons you to the forest. The water bodies are one of the best places to catch a wild animal on safari. You can also enjoy the village life at TATR. There are several resorts around that augment the beauty of the reserve and Jharana Jungle Lodge is one of them. The resort arranges the safari packages for you and also provides you one of the best stays with numerous other activities inside the resort for the guest. The mesmerizing wilderness is awaiting your arrival and hence book your safaris soon. 



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